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About Us

About Us

What is Cloudwine?

A wine retailer with a difference. Our specialty is wine from small Australian wineries and limited production wines. Sorry, no factory made wine here - all our wines are made in the vineyard where all good wines are made.

Cloudwine began in 1999 with the launch of the website, after a few years keeping the wine hidden in a warehouse and trading purely online we decided to expand so non web saavy wine lovers could also enjoy the great wines we had on offer. And on a sunny Spring day in October 2002, Cloudwine Cellars was born in downtown South Melbourne.

Finally South Melbournites had a choice - and we're finding our visitors are coming from all over now, not just South Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria or even interstate, but from all over the world - to try and find some unique wine from small Australian wineries.

Is your palate bored?

We have the occasional punter ask us - why small wineries? Our response > well you can keep drinking the wine made in factories by the big four (BRL, Southcorp, Orlando, Beringer) and think that every cabernet tastes exactly the same no matter where it's from, or you can tantalise your taste buds and try something that has regional and even vineyard characteristics. And it will be different every year - weather does that to wine - and that's a good thing.

Is small always better?

No - definately not. Being small isn't the only criteria required to be selected into our store. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, as is value for money. We look at these two facets before anything else. We stand behind our range, everything is handpicked by us. If you ask any of us for a recommendation we're only going to suggest something that we love ourselves and that we believe fits the description of what you require.

So why shop at Cloudwine?

That's easy. Our unique and interesting range. Our great prices. Our friendly and efficient service and our belief that the customer always comes first.